Their list of accomplishments are beyond impressive and we without a doubt exclaim, ‘Hail to the Kings!’ But it’s not the Tonys, the Emmys, or even the Academy nomination that puts them at the top of our inspiration board. Instead it is the absolute dedication to their vision, style and creative process.

    In our early stages of producing, we created and released a weekly sketch comedy series. During this time we came across a documentary on Netflix called “6 Days To Air”. It follows a typical week for these guys capturing their format and process for creating South Park. The gist is that they literally produce a new episode each week within 6 days before the scheduled air date. It’s part of the reason why South Park has always been so fantastically on point with the cultural satire. It was illuminating watching their process.

    They are the wild ones of Hollywood, have conquered Broadway and have killed Kenny more times than we can count. They stand by all their fart jokes and keep the gloves on for no one while still managing to love what they do while doing it well. All Hail Matt and Trey!