We were fortunate enough to experience our first Burn together back in 2010. Knowing little about the event, we packed up and caravanned it into the desert. We’ll be forever grateful that we did. Our experience was life altering.

There’s no complete way to explain what Burning Man is because it is so much and ever-changing. Each year brings new life and challenges to this amazing tapestry. All of it, however: the art cars, the costumes, the innovative living solutions and sheer magnitude of love are only possible because of a shared singular mindset. A simple vision guided by 10 Principles helps create this temporary oasis.

We see humanity’s potential for unity and greatness in every dusty Black Rock City citizen. The capacity for creative force is evident when you see the Playa come alive at each Summer’s end. More than 50 thousand ‘Burners’ make the pilgrimage to build this amazing and truly unique city. It exists solely because of the people. It is the mentality of “us” instead of “me” or “them” that makes even being in the middle of nowhere the most amazing place to be.