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Crooked Astronaut |
We are creativity generators with a fierce passion for showcasing our source material by encouraging visibility for mass delectation. We bring our pioneering vision to each web, video and television production we undertake.


RideShare Confessions

A brand new series coming in 2015. “Taxicab Confessions” for the millennial generation.


#YoLove was our first music video. Collaborating with local musicians, Robbie Angelucci and Casey Hayden, we pulled together one stylish video for this summer hit.

ChickleBerry Jam

ChickleBerry Jam was our first full scale project. A year long adventure into sketch comedy with a new episode released every week. It was fast, it was furious and it was funny. Most of the time…

Wall Mural Time-lapse | Artist LuLu

Preparing for our first Music Video #YoLove, we had Los Angeles based artist LuLu (Lindsay Allen) create a happy and energetic mural.


Jeff Blum | Co-Founder

Written by Nicole Christoforakis

Believing the truth is out there, Jeff has always looked toward the skies for little green men. While some see this as cause for concern, it is that precise trust in the unknown that makes him such a formidable creator.

With a fresh outlook he approaches each new challenge with a fluidity and skill of an ooze-born ninja. As an accomplished creative director and film editor Jeff currently uses his many talents producing videos that wow the masses.

Fueled by hot sauce and the thumpa thumpa of EDM, Jeff can be found at a Happy Hour near you.

Nicole Christoforakis | Co-Founder

Written by Jeff Blum

Nicole means business, so lead, follow or get out of the way. Her aptitude for organization makes every project run smoothly and is surpassed only by her ability to beat anyone in N64 Mario Kart. (Seriously, don’t even try it.)

She spends her time developing the perfect shot, conceiving climatic story arcs and manipulating animal guts to properly burst out of piñatas on cue. This healthy obsession for creative expression helps breathe life and innovation into every project we handle.

Nicole’s other (somewhat unhealthy) obsessions include Bette Midler, french fries and using GIF’s as reactionary responses.

Nicole’s favorite GIF


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